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When you are trying to choose which are the Best Online Universities for you, the first consideration should be whether they are accredited.  The Distance Education and Training Council is a non-profit organization in Washington DC that oversees accreditation for online schools. DETC was founded in 1926, and in 1955 was approved by the US Department of Education as the nationally recognized accrediting agency for online universities, colleges and classes. You can perform a search on DETC’s website to verify the accreditation of any school you may be considering.

The Best Online Universities are Accredited

Online UniversitiesAttending an accredited college or university ensures that you are learning from an institution that has met a strict set of guidelines and standards. Accredited schools must comply with certain requirements and must keep their qualifications current. Courses and credits from accredited online colleges are more likely to be transferable. And a degree from an accredited school is more widely accepted by employers. If you want to take courses or earn a degree in order to advance your career, this is very important.

Besides accreditation, what you should look for in an online university

It depends on what you are looking for. Make sure the classes and degrees the school offers fit in with your goals. If your ultimate goal is to earn an MBA, for example, be sure that the work you do at the school you choose, will enable you to enroll in an MBA program.

Then look at other characteristics of each school to determine which would be best for you. What is the average class size? How much individual communication will you have with the instructor? How will you contact your instructor and advisor, and how readily available are they when you need assistance.

Do you need a program that you can complete online? or can you work with a program that requires weekends, meetings or some classes onsite?

What kinds of financing options does the university have? Besides loans, financial aid and scholarships, does the school offer a tuition installment plan? Is there a reduced fee for prepayment?

How will instruction be delivered, and has the school invested in technology that makes it easy to attend classes? Find out if they use Video Streaming, Whiteboards, or Video Conferencing. Do they offer student email accounts, bulletin boards, and resource websites?

Take a look at the faculty. Do instructors have real world experience? Where did they earn their degrees? How long have they been teaching and what do they have to say about the school?

Be sure to look at several online colleges or universities before deciding which one or ones may be the best online universities for you.

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