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Online universities are more popular now than ever before, but most people don’t realize just how many benefits come along with a virtual degree program. Aside from the convenience and affordability that you can get with an online college, you may qualify for a free laptop, courtesy of your school of choice. A lot of online universities with free laptops do so to help students have direct access to their education at all times. If you have been struggling to figure out how you could get a computer for college, an option like this may be just what you have been looking for. Here is an overview of the laptop program so you can get the device you need for next semester.

Online Universities with Free Laptops

What’s the Catch?

The most obvious question to come along with all of this is: “What’s the catch?” There has to be a catch, right? For the most part, a laptop giveaway program is as straight forward as it sounds. Attend a college and get a laptop free of charge. That seems easy enough, but the catch lies in how long you get to keep the laptop. Most online colleges with free laptops will issue computers to students under the ruling that they own the computers until the students graduate. If you go to one of these schools and then decide to transfer or drop out completely, you will have to give back your laptop. This is all meant to provide incentive for you to stick with the school for the duration of your education.

What Are the Requirements for Online Universities with Free Laptops?

Every online university is a little different in terms of the requirements it has in place for the free laptop program. In some cases, you may need to maintain a certain GPA in order to obtain and keep your laptop. In other cases, you may have to enroll in a specific degree program in order to qualify. For instance, graphic design and computer science students are more likely to get free laptops for college because their degrees are centered around the computer. You can speak with your academic adviser to find out if your major would qualify for a free laptop.

Do Students Have to Pay for the Laptops over Time?

Some students assume that they will eventually have to pay for their laptops, despite the word “free” in the title of the program. In some cases, the cost of a student’s laptop will be rolled into tuition charges so that the student can pay for it with financial aid. Under normal circumstances though, you should not have to pay a penny to keep and use your laptop. The “payment” that you make for the computer comes from your commitment to your education. That is all the school wants from you. If you think that you can stick with your degree for a long period of time, you may be able to use the computer without having to pay for it.

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