The Best Online Majors

Early childhood education, K-12 education, public health, nursing and business are the best degrees to earn online, according to experts in the financial and educational fields and those monitoring the job market.

As the baby boomers age and life expectancies increase, public health  is a hot field of study. Jobs in this area will continue to be stable and pay higher than average due to a shortage of healthcare professionals to serve the aging population. Public health jobs are in local, state and federal health departments and include things like health inspectors, educators, epidemiologists and researchers. There are also public health positions in the non-profit sector in health advocacy and research, and jobs with pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Most of these positions require a master’s of public health degree (MPH.) Many of the best programs are through the best online universities, such as Boston University, The Colorado School of Public Health, East Tennessee State University and Loma Linda University.

Other health care and nursing jobs are also plentiful because of the aging population, and they are ideal for distance learning. Online nursing programs provide the flexibility needed for those who want to return to the work world while raising children. Kaplan University, Strayer University and Capella University have become popular online schools to offer nursing and other health care degrees.

Associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in early childhood education and K-12 education have also become popular in the online university arena. Because of high turnover in the early childhood teaching field, new job opportunities are increasing. For students who have earned an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree can be completed in as little as four semesters online. Online courses are also available for those wanting to explore teaching by becoming a teacher’s aide. Requirements vary in different states, but all programs incorporate principles of development, psychology, and education. Advanced degree programs teach behavioral theory, psychology, pedagogical theory, and instructional techniques.

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